Our Story

The Torah Art Company you see before you today boasts one of the largest collections of fine Judaic Artwork. From the casual consumer looking to decorate, to the discerning collector in search of prestigious originals, Torah Art has the diversity to please. However, the company had humble beginnings. Our story goes something like this:

We were a young newlywed couple, living in a small walk-in apartment. Establishing a Torah atmosphere in our home was something we both wished to do. And what better way than with portraits of Gedolim! We both agreed that paintings would add more warmth to our home than ordinary photographs would. But finding something elegant, yet modestly priced (to fit into our almost nonexistent budget!) proved challenging. We were shocked to see the outrageous prices in the local Judaica stores. To make matters worse, the pictures were unfortunately terrible! The colors were extremely muted and the images were faded. Our quest ended in disappointment.

Our Mission

Some years later, an opportunity to enter the Art industry presented itself to us. Reflecting on our past experiences, we realized that there was certainly a need. We decided we would fill that need. Our goal was to bring the Jewish community exceptional artwork at reasonable prices.

We wanted to do it right. Nothing less than ‘perfect’ would do. We started working with exceptionally gifted artists. We had portraits of Gedolim made, but they had to meet our high standards. The results were amazing, but we were far from done. We proceeded to team up with some of the best talent in the fine art reproduction field. All of our reproductions were to be done on only the finest grade artist canvas. Working together, we emerged with a product that was superior in color and quality to anything on the market. Finished off on quality stretcher bars and ornately framed we knew we had a winner!

After much hard work we are pleased to present you with that finished product. We sincerely hope you enjoy.