Rav Avigdor Miller zt”l



Hashem created each and every one of us with unique talents. It is up to us to explore deep within ourselves to develop that potential. While Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt”l was known for his breadth of knowledge and piety, his appreciation for Hashem’s creations were even more legendary. He taught us not to take the “little” things in life for granted, to realize there are no little things. One time, a relative of Rabbi Miller entered his kitchen only to find the Rabbi with his head submerged in the sink. A few moments went by and he finally raised his head from the water. When asked what was going on, he answered that he had just overheard someone complain how polluted the air was outside. Afraid that the comment may adversely affect his appreciation of Hashem’s vital gift, he acted as he did.


The product you are viewing is known as a “Canvas Giclee”, a fine museum quality reproduction of art on canvas.
Our canvas is made from a poly-cotton blend, and has a gloss finish to protect against moisture and harmful UV rays.
The inks are “state of the art”, archival pigmented ink, capable of reproducing more than 36 million unique possible colors!
The canvases are stretched on a 1.25” deep wood stretcher bars. The bars are made of 100% renewable kiln dried knot free, finger jointed wood. Hanging hardware is installed to make to make things easy!