Chacham Baruch Ben Haim zt”l , Judaica Art



This great sage famous for his ability to recite multitudes of Pesukim, Gemarot, and divrei Chazal by heart, was also great Ahavat Yisrael. Rare was the simcha that the Rabbi wouldn’t grace with his lofty presence. He loved the people and the people loved him back.
Chacham Baruch came to the fledgling Syrian Community of Brooklyn,only in his twenties, yet already one of the world’s greatest Sephardic sages. The great Mekubal and chief Rabbi Chacham Ya’akov Kassin a”h took the young Chacham as a son in law and assistant. After Chacham Ya’akov Kassin’s passed away, Chacham Baruch assumed faithfully continued the legacy and served as the community’s chief Rabbi until his final days.


The product you are viewing is known as a “Canvas Giclee”, a fine museum quality reproduction of art on canvas.
-Our canvas is made from a poly-cotton blend, and has a gloss finish to protect against moisture and harmful UV rays.
-The inks are “state of the art”, archival pigmented ink, capable of reproducing more than 36 million unique possible colors!
-The Gallery wrapped canvases are stretched on a 1.25” deep wood stretcher bars. The bars are made of 100% renewable kiln dried knot free, finger jointed wood. Hanging hardware is installed to make to make things easy!

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